Our premium brand MICON G.I Wires are produced by an innovative, environmental friendly, in-line hot dip galvanizing process for a superior life and smooth finish. The microstructure of MICON wire has a uniquely uniform inter-metallic layer of pure zinc which makes its corrosion resistance higher; ideal for vineyards. MICON G.I Wires are widely used in making fencing wires, netting, cable armoring, in orchards and vineyards, etc. We also offer good quality PVC coated wire with excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties. 

    The following ranges of MICON G.I Wires:

    Thickness of zinc coatingWire Gauge
    100 GSM6G; 8G; 10G; 12G; 13G; 14G; 16G; 17G; 18G
    60 GSM
    30 GSM
               PVC Coated GI Wire
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