Barbed Wires 


MICON Barbed Wires are an inexpensive fencing solution. Barbed wire finds its use extensively in agriculture, animal husbandry and industrial applications amongst others.

Chainlink Fencing


MICON chainlink fence fabric are galvanized steel steel wires helically wound around and interwoven in such a manner so as to provide a continuous linear mesh with a springy texture, without knots.

GL Wires


Our premium brand MICON G.I.Wires are produced by an innovative, environmental friendly, in-line hot dip galvanizing process for a superior life and smooth finish.

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ISO 9001

(TUV Certified)

50 Years of Market Dominance

Our company has a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the customer. Hence all our products are in compliance with the industry quality standards. ISO 9001(TUV certified). We also follow the standards of IS 280 for all our products.


Micon Wires is India's leading brand in fencing products. Based out of Karnataka with over 50 years of market dominance, Micon is the one stop shop for all your fencing needs.


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Concertina Razor Coils


Our razor coils are ideal for sensitive zones, military and border areas as well as for various industrial and domestic purposes.

Chicken Mesh


Chicken Mesh is also known as Hexagonal Wire Mesh. They are widely used in poultry farms, bird cages, zoos, in construction for reinforcements of roofs and floors.